Air condition Klimor, PBUCH
Automation / Electrical systems ABB, Relpol, Telemecanique
Boilers VX Stocznia Gdanska
Bowthrusters / CPP ABB Zamech
Capstans (Electric, hydraulic drive) Towimor Torun
Charge Air Coolers Fuo Rumia
Combined davits Fama, Sezamor
Compressors (Refrigeration / Air) WUCH PZL Debica, H. Cegielski
Contactors, breakers, relays Elester, Relpol
Control buttons, signaling lamps, indicators Promet
Control columns Famor
Controls / Measuring Equipment ABB, Armak, Lumel
Coolers Oil / Water FUO Rumia
Cranes Towimor, Fama, Sezamor
Doors Lubmor
Electric galley range Warma
Electric motors Besel, Celma, Elmor, Indukta, Tamel
Electric / Steam water heater Warma
Filters Warma, Stocznia Gdynia / Szczecin
Fire pumps Gzut Gliwice
Lighting Famor
Oily water separators Warma
Pipe couplings Sezamor
Pumps Hydroster, Gzut, Hydro-Vacuum
Sewage treatment plant Warma
Starting Air Compressors HCP Cegielski
Steam Heaters / Condensers FUO Rumia
Thanks to our location and close cooperation
with producers, sub-suppliers & local shipyards, MAAT offers full range of the equipment & spare parts for ship built in Polish Shipyards.

It will be a great pleasure for us to assist you on our local marine market.