Corrosion Resistance (economical saving)

Corrosion is a serious problem for gratings treads and handrails which are frequently exposed to water and salt water. FRP gratings are designed specifically to resist corrosion therefore offering a long lasting product even in harsh environments, decreasing considerably maintenance costs.

Anti-slip Surface (safety)

The antiskid grip of FRP gratings is achieved from the integration of quartz grains in the resin of the grating surface. This process guarantees exceptional foothold even with presence of water, oil and grease. FRP gratings are approved with class R13 V10 according to DIN 51130 normative. Gratings with micro-mesh and fine silica grains are more comfortable to walk on bare footed.

Lightweight (economical saving)

A well-known feature of fiberglass is the high strength-to-weight ratio. FRP gratings weight less than 1/3 of steel gratings! Which means reducing weight on the structure and increasing safety during handling and installation. No heavy lifting equipment is required. Furthermore the light-weight enables an easy handling and cleaning of the gratings.

Maintenance Free (economical saving)

FRP gratings have an incredibly long life span, they do not need scraping, sand-blasting, painting or replacement even after many years of service, becoming more economical compared to traditional metal gratings.

Fire Retardant (suitable for all environments)

FRP gratings are Fire Retardant (they do not spread the flames) and satisfy most of the safety issues found in many applications. The specially formulated resin systems, in case of fire, guarantee a development of white smoke with very low toxicity index. FRP gratings are tested and approved by independent third party laboratories.

Mechanical Resistance (similar to metal)

Mechanical properties of gratings are comparable to traditional metal gratings thus maintaining equivalent supporting spans. Thanks to the resiliency of fiberglass, the energy of heavy objects falling on the gratings is absorbed and the panels do not deform permanently after impact.

Insulation (safety)

Electrical insulation is an intrinsic feature of fiberglass, therefore FRP gratings do not require expensive "grounding" (saving installation costs), furthermore FRP has a low thermal conductivity which results in a more user friendly product when touched.



This is the best solution to work in total safety even in worst conditions (presence of water, ice, oil, wax, grease, etc.). The particular integration of the silica grains assures an excellent wear resistance and a long-lasting durability of the surface. Classified: R13-V10 according to the DIN 51130 norm.


An alternative to the traditional anti-skid surface proposed with a competitive price. Suitable for applications where the use is not as frequent but safety is the same a fundamental requirement. Classified: R13-V10 according to the DIN 51130 norm.


This surface allows the separation between two levels: it prevents drippings or smoke to pass and assures complete safety for below pedestrian transit. The right solution for applications where forklift and trolley transit is frequent. Classified: R13- V10 according to the DIN 51130 norm.
  • Marine type approved
  • Fire retardant
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Anti-Slip Surface
  • Maintenance Free
  • Electrical Insulation
  • Cut to size
FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymers) gratings, thanks to the unique manufacturing process system (Teknotex) and the use of high quality raw materials, are suitable to be applied in many commercial and industrial environments bringing considerable economical savings and at the same time increasing safety. FRP gratings, thanks to the intrinsic features, are the ideal solution for marine and naval applications.

Mechanical Properties
Mesh sizes & Panel dimension